Thursday, January 08, 2015

1991 Royce moves to Dallas...1993 Kris moves to Dallas

Sometime near the end of 1991 I got a call from an old friend from Wichita Falls, Royce. He had been living in New Orleans and decided he wanted to move to Dallas. Since Peter and I had broken up I had moved out of his apt in Denton and in with Jammie and a few other guys in a huge yellow house on Cole in Dallas. As soon as Royce got to Dallas we went and found our own apt. We moved into a 2 bedroom apt on Bowser Ave. I was working at Oak Lawn Records and Royce got a job at Black Eyed Pea. Most nights when Royce got home we would laugh until time to go to sleep. Royce is one of the funniest people I've ever known.
From the outside 4015 Bowser looked pretty nice I guess. For around $700 a month it was ok. A U shaped complex with eight or so apts overlooking a pool. Wood floors downstairs and carpet upstairs in our bedrooms and bathroom. Our first night there we went out to a club on lower Greenville, Fishdance. Rob Vaughan played breakbeat which was huge in Dallas at the time. I remember being so drunk when we got home. I woke up burning up with the heat blasting. I had a splitting headache but it was ok we had our own place. We went out almost every night of the week. We went to Club One, the Wave and for a short time I played at a bar at 2525 Wycliff. Royce bar tended, or tried to anyway. Frank also got me a second job at a yogurt store on Greenville Ave. Every week at the yogurt store I would take my earnings and buy party favors and take them to the club and sell them. This began to supplement my income. Not anything life changing but at least I was able to pay rent and eat.
Royce and I would have these after parties after a night of partying where the word would spread like wildfire. Many early mornings our apt would be literally wall to wall people. The smell of smoke from the amount of cigarette smoke was overwhelming. We would do tons of coke until everyone was gone. Inevitably I would fall into that intense depression caused by cocaine use. The worst of it only lasted about an hour but awful anyway. Royce and I continued partying and generally having a good time until one weekend in November 1992. A friend I had met through the record store, Bryan Raughton, was visiting from Lubbock and was bringing a friend with him. His friend was Kris and ended up being my boyfriend for the next ten years. That first weekend Kris and I went to club one and hung out together for the rest of the weekend. When it was time for him to leave we decided to keep in touch but we only talked on the phone a couple of times and then kinda fell out of touch. Then one night about a month or so later Kris showed up at my door. He was in town at a concert. This time Kris stayed for a few weeks until his car arrived. A new 3000gt that was delivered to my apt. He drove home, rented a uhaul and drove back to Dallas and moved into the apartment on Gilbert we had found. It wasn't easy telling Royce I was moving in with Kris but it all worked out.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Party Party Party

After David passed I kept busy by partying and promoting Mary and the Acid Queens. I remember her performing at Below Xero, at 4001 Cedar Springs, formerly 4001. Seven or so years had gone by since I first came to 4001 with Charles Hall. Now Mary XTC was performing there. Tony Fair was the DJ. Below Xero was his new gig after the Empire closed.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

December 1990 David's Funeral

It was nearly Christmas so I went to Wichita Falls. I remember going with my Mom to shop and breaking into tears in the middle of a department store. Returned to Dallas. Mother had written something nice about David so I thought I would read it at the service. It was held at a church at the corner of Mockingbird & Inwood. Everytime I drive by there I still think about him. On the day of the service it was sunny and cold. I got up to read the paper. I almost got to the end but before I did I completely lost it and walked back to my seat. So many people crowded into the small chapel. I was a little embarrassed but it happens I guess.
A lot of what I learned from David Hayes remains with me today. I don't think I would be near as strong a person had I not met him. It will be nineteen years this December 2009 that David died.

Monday, May 18, 2009

December 1990 The passing of David Patrick Hayes

One December night I was in Denton visiting Peter. I got a call from David. He said he just wanted to tell me he loved me. I asked if he was ok and he assured me he was fine. I went to sleep. I woke to Peter's phone ringing again at 7am. It was Frank. He was crying and saying I needed to come home because David was taken away by an ambulance to Parkland Hospital. I called the hospital and was told he was in critical condition. On the way to Dallas to the hospital the song Babe by Styx came on the AM station of the 1981 Datsun 310 I was driving. The words to the song brought tears to my eyes and I remember hoping the song wasn't a sign of what was coming. It was December and it had just gotten extremely cold for the first time. Peter and I made small talk about David and the weather but mostly our eyes stayed glued to the road. We arrived at the hospital, parked and jogged across the skywalk that connects the parking garage to the hospital. I noticed how gray the sky was as we were coming to the end of the long glass walkway. I was getting a really bad feeling after hearing the song on the way, the below freezing temperature, the gloomy sky. I just didn't want to deal with anything other than David being ok. I didn't think I could deal with anything else. When we got to emergency and asked about him we got uneasy looks from a couple of nurses that were telling us where to go. Another nurse had a hard time making eye contact with me when giving me these instructions, "Go down the hall and through the first door on your left someone will be there shortly to meet you." Then she asked, "Are you a family member of Mr. Hayes?" Without any hesitation I answered, "Yes Ma'am, he is my ex lover." She seemed like she was hesitant but I'm sure the look on my face was enough for her to ignore the rules this time. Peter and I looked at each other as if to say, "oh" After about five minutes a very sweet looking but serious woman came through a different door opposite the one we had entered. She asked if she could help us. I told her we were needing to know the status of David Patrick Hayes. She paused as if it was the first time she had ever done this. Then she simply said, "I'm so sorry." another shorter pause followed and then, "He's already passed." "I'm sorry." She had such a genuine demeanor I remember wondering if she was trained to be that way or if it came natural. I turned around to leave and noticed Peter crying too. He took me home and it seems like Peter was going out of town so he dropped me off. Frank and Mary moved David's belongings down to my apartment while I put them in the right place. I didn't think it was a good idea to go down there to Davids apartment. So Frank and Mary moved the stuff into the hallway and down to my place three doors down. His was the last door on the left as you went out the front of the building. I took the back stairs out to the parking lot anyway and had no reason to go down there anymore. Frank said when the apartment manager Linda woke him early that morning she was banging on the door. She wanted him to watch Cloudy and Lil Bit until I got home. I used to leave the dogs with David when I went to Peter's to keep him company. When Frank went over to pick up the dogs the ambulance had just left. He said there was blood all over the bathroom where David had cut himself from wrist to elbow. Supposedly he did it in the bathtub then somehow called 911 and was in his bed when they got there. He died shortly after he got to Parkland.

Once all of David's belongings were in my apartment I was so tired and still not believing what had happened. Frank and Mary were concerned about me staying alone in my place but I assured them I would be ok. I thought I would be really freaked out and lonely when I was finally left alone but I was totally fine. I looked around the room at all the framed art and other nice things that belonged to David. There were books, a wood frame chair, some type of tapestry that is very old, a 14th century guilded wood mirror, linens, a television. As I was looking through all of this I realized that the aroma of patchouli and leather, the smell of David's apartment, had filled the air. David always wore patchouli oil and had once spilled it inside a leather bag. I picked up the bag and it was still stained from the spill. I was so relaxed as I laid back onto the bed. I wondered if David could see me laying there in my candle lit apartment in complete silence. If he wasn't a spirit there in the room watching over me then where was he? Why do we all have to die wondering if we will ever meet again, I wondered. I hoped the universe was taking care of him. I felt oddly comfortable suddenly, as if everything was going to be OK. I was relieved that David's suffering was over. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.