Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Summer 1982

Summer 1982. I had just finished my 8th grade year and was at Skate Whirl one Friday night. I met this guy Eddie C that reeked of Halston cologne. He was with his step-brother, Charles H and his two friends Johnny W. and Hector. Charles was very masculine looking but when he opened his mouth a purse fell out. He was so fem. Eddie wasn't as cute as his step-brother but way less gay acting. I sat with him and snickered at Charles, Johnny and Hector as they stumbled around screaming like girls. They fell down, slid across the floor, crashed into the walls and each other. They wore short shorts and tube socks. Charles had very hairy legs. You getting a mental image yet? GAY. The skating rink regulars were not well for these screaming queens as they were center stage and seemed to have no idea the whole rink was watching them. I ended up talking on the phone with Eddie and later Charles over the next week or so. I thought Charles looked like a GQ model so one night after my parents went to sleep Charles invited me to go to the Pub. Harlows "The Pub" the only gay bar in Wichita Falls. I asked how I was going to get in, being I was only 14 years old. Charles said he'd figure out a way so I met them at 12 midnight or so at Kawanis park at the prairie dog land which was near my house. I waited briefly then a car pulls up with Charles and Johnny and a couple of other gay boys. Charles was 18 had a nice body, dark hair with blond streaks in the front. He looked like a cross between Richard Gere and John Taylor from Duran Duran. So cute, in fact, I overlooked his femininity. When we got downtown to the Pub I got in the middle of four or five guys and we just walked in. The DJ was way up high in an enclosed glass area. He was playing Call Me by Skyy. I remember it being a lot different than the one on my LP. It was the long 12" mix. I found it about ten years ago finally.

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  1. Here's my number and a dime, call me anytime.

    Skyy, Lakeside, Cameo, Gap Band. Good shit!