Sunday, February 22, 2009

82-83 High School Freshman

High School was not at all what I expected. Once again I felt like I missed the class that was held before the first day of school... knowing where all your classes are located and having lots of friends to eat lunch with already. How did everybody know everybody? As the weeks wore on I was becoming depressed. As pathetic as this sounds in retrospect, the only thing I was looking forward to was the nomination and election of Class Beauties and Class Favorites. Sixteen girls (finalists) from each class were selected by the students and then narrowed down the following day to eight Beauties in each class. Class Favorites were also chosen by each class and included six girls and six boys. I recall there always being one black beauty and two black favorites in each class due to 8-10% of the student body being African American. The winners were announced over the PA system to the whole school during the morning announcements. On several occasions the freshman and sophomore classes tried to elect a very unattractive girl just to be clowns but fortunately the faculty caught on and pulled the names before they were announced. I would have my picks all ready a week before the election and rarely did I miss a name called. By my senior year people would say, "Hey Ronnie who's gonna win this year?" A few years ago I learned that most if not all Wichita Falls Public High Schools did away with the election of Beauties and Favorites. Good for them, I guess, but I have to wonder what the reasons were behind decision to cancel the elections indefinitely. As high school students, isn't the choosing of the most beautiful and favorite people just an exercise readying them for real life? Both the elections and life are unfair... you have a better chance if you have money, it's very clique oriented and political. So again, I wonder, what were the school administrators reasons for no longer choosing to utilize the election of beauties and favorites as a life lessons tool. It seemed to work for over 30 years. What went wrong? Whose son or daughter didn't win? LOL.  I'm just glad I'm not in high school during these days. I would have been so bored. :-)

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