Thursday, March 19, 2009

1984-1985 Coming Out

When I was 16 or 17 I was seeing this guy Jamey who worked at the liquor store. He was 28. I used to stay over at his house when his parents were away on the weekends. One night when Jamey was leaving my house I walked him out to his car. When I came back inside my Dad was watching tv and looked up at me as I walked by and said, "Sure was quiet in there." I rolled my eyes and said, "Whatever." Then a little more pissed off sounding he said, "Boy if I didn't know better I'd think you were a queer." Then I said, from my room, "What if I am?" In an outraged voice my Dad yells, "WHAT?" By then my Mom was in the room asking what in the hell was going on? Deidre, my sister, two years younger than me, was crying from her room, "Leave him alone." I had told Deidre about my sexuality when I was in the 8th grade (She was in the 6th). So she too had carried around my secret, verbally attacking anyone that called me a fag. When my Dad suggested I seek psychiatric help my mom protested by saying, "There isn't anything wrong with him!" After some talking to (about a nights worth) my Dad came around. He came to the conclusion that I was born gay and there wasn't anything wrong with that. A lot of growth for one night, huh? That's how my parents are. If they are wrong or don't understand something they will admit it. They try to see both sides of an issue and try to work it out. The only thing they want for my sister and I is for us to be happy. I have to admit I couldn't have asked for better parents. When my friends meet my parents they are always amazed. They have been together 42 years.
Growing up we were the only kids without divorced parents it seemed.
After coming out my Mom put a lock on my bedroom door and told me, "I'd rather if you are gonna have sex you do it in your room instead of out in a car somewhere where ya might get killed or something." How cool is that? I've known so many people who can't stand their parents, their parents can't stand them or people who were embarrassed by their parents. I'm glad I'm not one of those people. I'm proud of my Mom and Dad and enjoy being around them. We laugh and joke and I can tell them just about anything.  So if ya'll are still reading my blog...Love Ya'll. Everyone else...Come out, come out wherever you are!


  1. I'm out to my whole family, or what remains of it. My father, I think he's alright with my being gay but I think the fact that Keyron is black brings out the racist streak in my father.

    That of course completely pisses me off.

  2. this is a fun read hehe.I like this story.

    you are one lucky gay guy who have a supporting parents kinda have an idea of what i am and i know they love me no matter what.

    keep it up man.

    hope to read more interesting entry from you soon...

  3. I have a question...I know you said that your father assumed you were born gay...Do you think so as well? I have talked to guys who think that certain childhood experiences-good or bad-directed them to be gay. Just curious...

    I know that alot of what and who I am is based on my experiences as a child and how I learned from them...Your insight would be nice

  4. I have never doubted that being gay is something I was born with. I was one of the few kids (it seems) that was never molested by anyone but I have met a couple of guys over the years that thought that their being molested contributed to or was the cause of them being gay. I really don't believe them though because it just seems unrealistic to me that a boy who was molested by a man would choose to be or become gay especially with the trauma and unpleasant experience of the ordeal. I think the thing that happens is gay kids get molested and dont understand why they are gay so it gets put on the molestation. I'm certain that when straight kids are molested they don't become gay. I also had both parents in the home with equal attention from my parents. IMHO nobody chooses to be straight or gay or any gray area between the two. Anyone that thinks they chose their sexual preference or have the ability to change their attraction to either sex is lying or very unstable. I've met both.

  5. and Greg Michaels-Friend says:

    I agree totally! the things I used to make my G.I. Joe dolls do with each other when I was 5 or 6 years old was a forshadowing event of things I would do in my adult life. Ironically, as a child I also used to spin around in circles so fast until I would fall down.. another forshadowing event to my adult life that we need not go into with great detail now. I was never molested.. not once.. ever. I was truly born with a filthy homo mind and a slutty homo nature with absolutely no outside influences... hey wait, maybe I can sue Mattel, the manufacturer of G.I.Joes, G.I. Joe made me GAYYYYYYY! To this very day the sight of a man in cammaflouge(sp?) makes me horny and I would love to volunteer to be one of those troup greeters @ D/FW airport but they won't let me do it in the nude ... it might sink the morale of our men overseas to see me naked after all they have been through.

  6. Greg Michaels-Friend,
    Thanks for the comments. Start a blog and I'll follow, seriously.