Thursday, March 19, 2009

1984 Reverschon Park (Dallas)

Who had s** at Reverschon? Charles of course! When he was selling me on the idea of coming to Dallas, he exclaimed, "Girl I went down to Dallas and once inside that park I turned 5 tricks within 5 hours!" Then the cackle. We usually found a parking spot and Charles would disappear into the bushes and trails of Reverschon. It never felt safe to me since everybody joked about getting stabbed on the train tracks behind the park or in the park itself. I usually stood close to the car and met people that way. Most of the people I met out there I met later when I moved to Dallas in 1987.
After a while at the park it was time to go home. Since no one knew we left town we had to be back early. Usually I fell asleep on the way home with the latest dance mix being the soundtrack to my dreams. Here are a few of them...


  1. "So many men, so little time." At one point in my life that was my theme song.

    But alas, for the past 16 years I've been in monogamous (well, mostly) bliss.

    I guess that's why I get along with this one woman I once worked with. She's the same way.

  2. I remember going to that park sometime in the 90's and seeing all the guys lurking around. At the time, I did not know what was going on to the full extent...Is it still the same out there?

    I had a friend that used to park there and leave his lights on. HaHa you guys are so funny.