Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Summer 1990 Meeting Peter

One night I was out at the Village Station on Cedar Springs, and in almost the same way I met David, I met Peter Nilsson. I was walking out and he was going in. We saw each other before he went inside and we said hellos. A few seconds later he came out of the exit door I had my eyes fixed on. We laughed and talked and looked for his friend Annika who he had lost inside the club earlier. We searched inside and out until we decided to sit on the curb in front of the club and get to know each other. Surely she would find us there. Peter was from Sweden, which I knew very little about. I wondered how many guys over in Sweden looked like Peter because he was smokin' hot. Blonde hair, blue eyes, awesome body and tan. His accent was so unlike anyone I had ever heard. Being from the Falls, with only one stamp in the pages of my passport, I thought his accent was so sexy. We talked about the exact location of Sweden on a map and the exact location of Wichita Falls on a map. Peter's friend Annika came out of the club finally and they had their reunion. They spoke Swedish to one another until he introduced us. Annika looked me over good with a protective glare. She was blonde as well with a thick mane of hair down her back. She was beautiful. Modelesque. I agreed to ride to Denton with them. Peter was attending UNT studying to be a doctor and Annika was visiting for a few months from Sweden. I had a tape of some new slow beat music I was into in my pocket. We drove with windows down in the cool night air down interstate 35 towards Denton. I remember the tape having "I Wish It Would Rain Down" by Jackie Moore. It was a remake that was formerly done by Phil Collins. It had the popular "Soul II Soul" beat everybody was using in dance music at the time. We had a lot of laughs getting to know each other and the three of us started hanging out all the time. Annika and Peter would act so crazy and speak in Swedish a lot so I would laugh at them as they danced some weird looking dance. Then they would fall down laughing. A few weeks went by. One night we went out to Trash Disco at Club A. Annika was burning girls with cigarettes that pushed her or were rude to her. When they would get passed her a bit she would calmly place the cherry between their shoulder blades. I know it's mean but these girls were always royal bitches so I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. They would say ouch or scream or just turn around and glare. Annika would just stare them coldly in the face and say, "Oh, sorry." I finally suggested we go back to my place before a riot broke out. Once we were back there David came down. He seemed to be feeling better and was very social. He and Annika and Peter hit it off very well. I was happy about that. Mary and Frank came down and joined us too. At daybreak someone (most likely Peter) suggested we all go on a picnic down by Turtle Creek. David was excited about that because he was wanting give Peter and I haircuts and loved the idea of cutting our hair outside by the creek. So he went down to his place to get all the barber stuff and we packed up a blanket and other picnic stuff. After picking up wine and food from the grocery store we headed to the creek. It was so beautiful that morning. David was more excited than I had seen him in a long time and he looked great as well. He reminded me of a kid at Christmas he was having so much fun. He brought a chair and all the necessary hair cutting supplies complete with spray bottle of water and a cape. We got our hair cuts while talking about everything from religion to RuPaul. We had a great time and Peter and Annika loved David. I remember after Annika had gotten to know David and became aware of his HIV status she came to me and wanted to know if David was OK. I told her that I'd seen him get sick and overcome it so many times but I didn't know how well or sick he really was. She got tears in her eyes and said, "I hope he is ok, I'm so afraid for him." I was surprised to see so much sensitivity from Annika. I was used to a much more guarded Annika but I was glad to see she had a big heart after all. We all got really close that summer and had some amazing nights partying and laughing. We usually stayed up playing music and talking well past dawn. Annika got so attached to being here in the US and decided she wanted to move here. We got this crazy idea to get married so she could legally move here. We decided to put it off until her next trip over in the spring. It was sad when she left. That's the thing with long trips, everybody gets so attached that it is harder to say goodbye.


  1. I love hearing all these stories again. I.had forgotten alot of the details. :) keep the stories coming.

  2. I like reading them too because I had no idea how close you were to some of these people or how that came about. You should write more.

  3. I love reading them too! Good work!