Tuesday, October 06, 2009

December 1990 David's Funeral

It was nearly Christmas so I went to Wichita Falls. I remember going with my Mom to shop and breaking into tears in the middle of a department store. Returned to Dallas. Mother had written something nice about David so I thought I would read it at the service. It was held at a church at the corner of Mockingbird & Inwood. Everytime I drive by there I still think about him. On the day of the service it was sunny and cold. I got up to read the paper. I almost got to the end but before I did I completely lost it and walked back to my seat. So many people crowded into the small chapel. I was a little embarrassed but it happens I guess.
A lot of what I learned from David Hayes remains with me today. I don't think I would be near as strong a person had I not met him. It will be nineteen years this December 2009 that David died.

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