Thursday, January 08, 2015

1991 Royce moves to Dallas...1993 Kris moves to Dallas

Sometime near the end of 1991 I got a call from an old friend from Wichita Falls, Royce. He had been living in New Orleans and decided he wanted to move to Dallas. Since Peter and I had broken up I had moved out of his apt in Denton and in with Jammie and a few other guys in a huge yellow house on Cole in Dallas. As soon as Royce got to Dallas we went and found our own apt. We moved into a 2 bedroom apt on Bowser Ave. I was working at Oak Lawn Records and Royce got a job at Black Eyed Pea. Most nights when Royce got home we would laugh until time to go to sleep. Royce is one of the funniest people I've ever known.
From the outside 4015 Bowser looked pretty nice I guess. For around $700 a month it was ok. A U shaped complex with eight or so apts overlooking a pool. Wood floors downstairs and carpet upstairs in our bedrooms and bathroom. Our first night there we went out to a club on lower Greenville, Fishdance. Rob Vaughan played breakbeat which was huge in Dallas at the time. I remember being so drunk when we got home. I woke up burning up with the heat blasting. I had a splitting headache but it was ok we had our own place. We went out almost every night of the week. We went to Club One, the Wave and for a short time I played at a bar at 2525 Wycliff. Royce bar tended, or tried to anyway. Frank also got me a second job at a yogurt store on Greenville Ave. Every week at the yogurt store I would take my earnings and buy party favors and take them to the club and sell them. This began to supplement my income. Not anything life changing but at least I was able to pay rent and eat.
Royce and I would have these after parties after a night of partying where the word would spread like wildfire. Many early mornings our apt would be literally wall to wall people. The smell of smoke from the amount of cigarette smoke was overwhelming. We would do tons of coke until everyone was gone. Inevitably I would fall into that intense depression caused by cocaine use. The worst of it only lasted about an hour but awful anyway. Royce and I continued partying and generally having a good time until one weekend in November 1992. A friend I had met through the record store, Bryan Raughton, was visiting from Lubbock and was bringing a friend with him. His friend was Kris and ended up being my boyfriend for the next ten years. That first weekend Kris and I went to club one and hung out together for the rest of the weekend. When it was time for him to leave we decided to keep in touch but we only talked on the phone a couple of times and then kinda fell out of touch. Then one night about a month or so later Kris showed up at my door. He was in town at a concert. This time Kris stayed for a few weeks until his car arrived. A new 3000gt that was delivered to my apt. He drove home, rented a uhaul and drove back to Dallas and moved into the apartment on Gilbert we had found. It wasn't easy telling Royce I was moving in with Kris but it all worked out.

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